Citrus Heights artist remembers Prince as Chia-haired tree god


Still mourning the untimely passing of Prince?

Well, then, you should definitely listen to Terry Gross’ wide-ranging interview with Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson. During a Fresh Air taping before a live audience in Philadelphia, the beat-keeping founder of The Roots and scrupulous foodie shared some hilarious tales of Prince behaving exactly like you’d want him to: materializing out of nowhere, summoning celebrities on his Princephone, displaying Forrest Gump-level ping pong skills, etc.

But if that’s not enough to sate your sadness over the late musical wizard and human sex panther, watch Citrus Heights artist Christine Stein paint and display his likeness under a leafy tree in her front yard during a sped-up, time-lapse video she posted to YouTube.

The finished product is like a mixed-media piece featuring bold acrylics and a Chia-leaf afro.

Just as Prince would have wanted it.