Sacramento rapper Mr. G gives SN&R some payback


Things are getting meta now.

A year ago, I wrote a cover story called “Sacramento’s bad rap.” It was about the eclectic hip-hop scene here, and how a new generation of local artists was trying to overcome the negative reputation and stereotypes aimed at their chosen form of expression. You can read it here.

Anyway, one of the talented local artists who got a quick mention at the end of the article, Kendall “Mr. G” Gums, emailed me a link to a quasi music-video-medley he just put up on YouTube. Billed as a mini-film, “808s & 16s” threads together song snippets from Mr. G’s album of the same name over a storyline that has the down-on-his-luck “Mi$tuh G” hitting the pavement to look for a job.

The April 2, 2015, issue of SN&R (with the “bad rap” cover story) scores a cameo around the 2-minute mark of the 9-minute production, which was directed by E-Moe.

But stick around past that. You don’t want to miss the appearance of Gum’s real-life mother, Karen Gums, who came up with the idea for the first track, Mr. G told SN&R, and drops the song’s killer hook while making pancakes.

It’s sweeter than syrup.