Sammies nominations, go!

It’s that time of the year again–no not the holidays. Unless you count celebrating local music achievements as a holiday. Which it is, kind of, now that we think of it.

Anyway. SN&R has just kicked off the nominations process for the 2016 Sammies Award show, which is scheduled to take place Wednesday, March 9 at Ace of Spades.

Awards are fun–so are all the show performances. But before we get to that point you have to tell SN&R which local musicians and artists you think are worthy of consideration. Nominate your favorite acts to be included on the ballot across a spectrum of categories.

The nominations period ends Thursday, January 7 at midnight and voting will commence Thursday, January 21.

A few things of note: 1) To nominate (and, later, vote) you’ll have to sign into our site with your Twitter, Facebook or Google log-in info. Or, sign-in to your existing SN&R account (or create a new one). 2) All categories are subject to change.

Happy  nominating.