Support your local filmmakers … that want to get a piece

Sam Wineman, the wonder behind the Hot Christmess podcast, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his documentary Date Trip, in which the newly single Sacramentan travels across the country and goes on a bunch of dates.

Behold, from the Kickstarter campaign copy:

“From the poor man’s Vegas to actual Vegas, from SoCal’s gayest city to the gayest city in the county, it’s all going to happen on this trip. And in an homage to Britney Spears in Crossroads, he will camp in the dessert, see the Grand Canyon, and even put his feet in the Pacific Ocean. But don’t worry – he’s not going to don a midriff with wizard sleeves and sing “Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”… or will he?”


I mean, come on. I need this. You need this. There are only 3 days left. Fund this documentary already.